The New Era of Paul's Boutique

Hi girlies,

I'm sure at least all of us have had, or at least know someone who has had, a neon over the top Paul's Boutique bag over the years. I know I have had quite the collection in the past, but quickly out grew their style as I got older. The brand was once known for their urban, out there street style, but little did I realise Paul's Boutique has undergone a dramatic make over in recent times!

Paul Boutique is now the accessory of choice for a string of well known ladies such as Leona Lewis and even Pippa Middleton! I mean if it's suitable for the sister of a duchess....

(all images sourced from Google)

Pictured above Leona is wearing the Maisy, which can be bought at the link below

Pippa is seen using both the Paige block colour satchel, which can be found at the link below and the Stella Shopper (unfortunately, out of stock)

I've decided to share my current favourites, which are all available on the website and make a perfect Christmas gift!


In many ways, these bags are a nod to the extremely popular Michael Kors bags which their shape and chosen pattern which makes them very current.

That's it for now, until next time.. LolaRose xx

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