LA Girl Pro Conceal Review

Hi girls,

I'm back with yet another cosmetic review, I really feel like this year's Christmas presents have been the source of so many blog posts of late! Today LA Girl Pro conceal is under the spotlight, this is an extremely well known product and indeed brand in America, so I thought it would be nice to share with my follows outside of the States!

For those of you who don't know, LA Girl is an American drugstore brand which is extremely affordable (think Essence prices in the UK and Ireland)
This product, their Pro Conceal, has been known to rival products like Mac Pro Longwear concealer despite it's crazy price tag, under €2.50!.

 The shades I received, starting from the bottom upwards are; Classic Ivory, Natural, Creamy Beige and Nude but there are actually 18 shades available to choose from if you don't feel like these shades would suit your skin tone.

*above image source from Google

swatch of 'Creamy Beige' 

As you can see there is a brush applicator, which means you can apply the concealer directly to the skin and use either a soft brush, damp beauty blender or your ring finger to blend. The consistency of this concealer is medium and the coverage is also medium to full.

There is great lasting power and there is no real drying or alternatively oily effect on the skin as I found with my Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer, you can read that review here if you are interested!

The only faults I have with this product are that due to the fact that it doesn't have an overly creamy consistency, is that even a thing? I sometimes find it harder to blend than other non gel based concealers I've tried. The only other downside to this product is it's availability! As it is an American based product you can't just nip to your local boots to pick it up, however it is available on lots of websites which offer really good delivery times to the UK and Ireland. My mum used if any of you are interested in buying!

That's all for now, thanks so much as always for reading and I'll be back with more soon!

Until next time, Lola Rose xx

Inside Victoria Beckham's Handbag!

Hi girlies,

Recently, Victoria Beckham made beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiast's dreams come true when she revealed the two products that she carries in her handbag on a daily basis. During her video for Vogues '73 questions' she revealed the surprisingly accessible beauty products she carries around everyday.

Believe it or not, the beauty products that have a permanent place in Victoria Beckham's handbag are Make Up Forever's lip liner in the shade #23 and Byredo hand cream!

Unsurprisingly, the MUFE website was sent into lock down after countless people wanted to get their hands on a Victoria Beckham approved product, but if your a Dublin resident, you can still avail of it for only €16.50 in their Clarendon Street store.

The Blanche hand cream by Byredo is still available on their website for €25 ( )

If you want to get to know Victoria better, you can watch her '73 questions' for Vogue here, but beware, it's slightly cringe!

Until next time, Lola Rose xx

Glow Getters - My go to highlighters

Hi girlies,

A good highlighter is every girls best friend and in order for me to find my glowy bff I've had to do a lot of trying and testing but I've finally whittled it down to three.

I use highlighter on the highest point of my cheeks, my cupids bow and a small dusting down the bridge of my nose. As my foundation of choice always tends to be quite matte, I feel highlighter helps to create an almost dewy glow without looking oily as I find can happen when I use dewy foundations.

Mac's Soft and Gentle is almost seen as a blogger cult product at this stage and I'm not surprised. It gives you the perfect glow which is noticeable but not overpowering, after all no one wants the 'I'm a shiny disco ball' look!

 This is a mid toned highlighter with warm almost apricot tones balanced out by cooler silver  tones which is suitable for most skin tones. You can apply this generously or lightly depending on the intensity you want, personally I like to apply two swoops of a brush as I feel this gives me just enough without it looking like some form of icing on my cheek bones!

My Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick has been in my makeup drawers for over a year now and it still features on my face regularly. This is a go to highlight when channelling your inner Jennifer Lopez and going for a bronze warm look.

I tend to use the bottom two to three shades when I want a warm tone finish or if I want a mix I simply swirl my brush around the shades. The pigment is surprisingly good as this is such a cheap  drug store product and one dusting gives a gorgeous golden look. I have blogged about this product in the past, making the major claim that it is a high street dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick ( which you can read here )

It is no coincidence that Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand name that is appearing in so many of my blog posts of late, I'm addicted! I am yet to try a product that I don't like which is a rarity. As you may know I received the contour palette under my tree this year (see review here )  and I haven't put it down since!

This is how I came across the shade Sand which is quite a pale pinkie toned highlighter. This musts the perfect doll like subtitle hint which is great for those who don't like an overly shimmery look.

This product creates cheek bones like you could only dream of  when combined with contouring, which is essentially what every girl wants when it comes to a highlighter. The pigment of this is perfect there is no fall out and it colour applies exactly how it looks in the pan. As you can tell, I'm a fan! 

And that's it girls, my go to highlighters for an all year round glow! 
Until next time, Lola Rose xx

Primark S/S 2015 Collection Preview

Hi girlies,

I have always been a Primark/Penneys fanatic so when I got this sneak peak at what we can expect in our stores for the upcoming spring summer collection I jumped at the chance to share it with you all. After all, it's never to early to plan your S/S wardrobe, right?!

So as you can see, Primark are sticking to bold prints and pastel block colours which can also be seen in fellow retail giant New Look's S/S 2015 collection, which I plan to share a sneak peek of to you also! I don't know about you but this collection makes me want to book a holiday instantly to ensue I can wear it!

Here are some of my favourite pieces and there expected instore prices!

White Sleeveless blazer - €20

Pastel blue maxi duster coat - €28

 Denim long line jacket, price not specified

Floral cut out crop top €13

 Floral cullottes €17

Now if the weather would like to change rapidly so I can buy these pieces immediately, I'd be a very happy blogger!

Until next time, Lola Rose xx

2015 New Year Resolutions and Some Personal Chit Chat!

Hi girlies,

This post is a little bit on the personal side of things for me, but it is the sort of post I love reading so I've decided to share it with you.

(Image sourced from pinterest)
In previous years, I tend to give new year's resolutions a miss as I know I will never stick to them, but this year I have made myself more realistic ones that I hope to follow.

Worry less, For me, the thought of a new year always fills me with worry, this is down to a mixture of past experiences and also due to my anxiety (this is a element of my personality that very few know about) I literally worry about anything and everything so the thought of a new year filled with ups and downs essentially terrifies me, even though I wish it didn't! This is why number one on my list of resolutions is to worry less! This year I will be beginning a PR internship in a well known Irish PR agency, which I am delighted about, however I am also extremely nervous so I am hoping my first step into the big pond will teach me to grow as a person as well as in my future career.

Document life, when I say this I don't mean just 'instagram worthy' pictures! I want to take pictures of memories that I can look back on in later life, as  this is one thing I am terrible at doing. Admittedly, I will never miss an opportunity to take a picture of an amazing looking restaurant dessert but I fail to take pictures of things like my family and friends, not just when we are about to go on a night out but when we are doing simple things.

Drink more water, I am addicted to fizzy drinks and my mum and I are known to go through a 2 litre bottle daily, shameful, I know! So this year I plan to drink a hell of a lot more water, for my skin and health's sake!

Exercise and diet, ah yes, your stereotypical new year's resolution. This isn't something I plan on doing excessively, if I'm honest I just want to loose my Christmas padding shall we say and become fit! I have ordered Charlotte from Geordie Shore's 3 minute belly blitz as my first ever fitness DVD purchase and I have my slimming world membership sorted! This is something I plan to start as of Monday the 5th of January and I might even document my journey on my blog, no matter how short lived it is!

Start squatting again! This is possibly the only form of exercise I have ever enjoyed doing. I started squatting regularly before my holiday in August of 2014 and I really noticed an instant difference, as did others, to the shape and tone of my gluts so this is definitely something I plan to keep up all year round. An ass isn't just for summer ladies, it's for life!

Blog more often I have really gotten back into the swing of blogging after a ridiculous amount of time off so this is something I plan on keeping up. I am really enjoying taking pictures for my blog thanks to my new iPhone 6 and it's amazing camera and I even plan on giving my blog a little makeover, so watch this space!

Take my make up off at bedtime! This is a resolution I am doing for my 40 year old self as I know it is then that I will be grateful! I am such a bad offender of this blogger crime and I have been treated to some fab Clarins skincare products to give me the kick start I need, so no excuses!

This has become a very wordy post but I hope you feel like you know me a little better, even if it is just my bad habits I have shared! 

Until next time girlies, Lola Rose x

Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer review

Hi girlies,

I'm back with yet another review of one of my beauty based Christmas presents! This time it's the turn of another Anastasia Beverly Hills product in the form of their highly sought after concealer!

This concealer has rapidly become my favourite one of my large collection! It does everything I want from a concealer, it is extremely thick therefore giving amazing coverage, while also highlighting my under eye area due to the light shade of 1.5.

 (*this image has been sourced from Google, full credit to the owner)

As you can see from this picture there is a wide range of shades. The only problem which some 
people may have with this product is that it can be prone to creasing if you don't set it well with powder or if you apply to much, so a little goes a long way ladies! 

And there you have it, my new staple concealer which covers, lighens and brightens, what more could a girl ask for!

Until next time girlies, Lola Rose xx

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro Powder

Hi girlies,

As you can tell from that whopper title, I'm going to review another present from underneath my Christmas tree, this time in the form of Charlotte Tilbury's Skin Perfecting Micro Powder. Charlotte Tilbury, much like Anastasia Beverly Hills as discussed in my last post click here, has taken over the blogisphere as one of the most sought after beauty brands of 2014. With this powder and Charlotte's Magic Cream being the main breadwinners of the collection I was lucky enough to get the powder for Christmas.

So is it worth the hype ? Abso-bloody-lutely! I cannot get enough of this powder, it literally does exactly what it says on the tin. It almost blurs imperfections while giving surprising coverage and colour payoff. As you can see from the pictures I was given the shade medium, which is the perfect shade for me. As far as I am aware there are only 3 shades in this powder, light, medium and dark. I use this powder on my lower cheeks and forehead, ie everywhere I don't contour or highlight, however this is only my personal preference and if you wanted to use this just on your T-zone or all over your face that's fine too! As mentioned above, I was surprised at how pigmented this powder is and it leaves a lovely smooth finish to the skin without looking cakey.

All in all I am absolutely loving this product and I haven't been greeted with any unwanted dryness or breakouts as a result of using it which is always a bonus! My mum purchased this powder in Brown Thomas ( but as far as I'm aware you can buy it in Selfridges as well and obviously the Charlotte Tilbury website.

Until next time girlies, Lola Rose xx 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Countour Kit Review and Swatches

Hi girlies,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are still enjoying it to the fullest! I got treated to some amazing presents this year, however I have decided that instead of bombarding you all with every present I received, I will share some reviews on the beauty items that I was gifted this year and let's just say the beauty blogger in me was extremely happy!

So first of all, I was lucky to receive a few items from the Anastasia Beverly Hills collection, which took the YouTube and blogging world by storm in 2014. I have chosen to review the contour kit first as I know it is one of the more well known products that people are interested in purchasing themselves. 

So onto the kit itself....

 As you can see there is a wide range of colours from brightening and highlighting shades such as Vanilla, Banana and Sand (the top row) to varied colours for contouring namely Java, Fawn and Havana.

I have tried all the colours this palette has to offer and so far my favourite combination is; Banana for my under eyes, Sand to highlight and Havana to contour.  As skin tones and personal preferences vary so much you may prefer a cooler tone underneath your eyes so you may opt for vanilla and perhaps you might also like a cooler toned contour you could chose Fawn.

The colour payoff with this palette is absolutely amazing and it honestly lasts all day without having to apply a lot of product and ending up cake faced!
Obviously, as it was a Christmas present I haven't researched the price but I did find out it was purchased from were you are guaranteed the genuine product. Shipping is extremely affordable and fast (it came to Ireland within one week!)

Ps. If you've noticed the nicer, brighter location that my blog pictures have been taken in, I will be sharing my Christmas surprise very soon!

Until next time girlies, LolaRose xx